Computer and Electronic Services

Frustrated? Is your COMPUTER, TV or OTHER DEVICE on the fritz! Look no futher.. We’re here to help!!

We can assist you with the diagnosis and repair of problems. We also can remove viruses and speed up your computer. From helping with a new wireless network or home theater system to buying any kind of electronics, (including computers), we can help you with the selection and installation of your new equipment.

Enterprise/Small Business I.T. Services

Keep your place of business happy with our expertise and business services.

We're here for your business with professional on-site, on-call technology and remote support services for your servers, desktops, laptops, networks, printers, devices and employees. Plus we’ll make sure to keep your business malware and virus free! Use our services on demand or choose a monthly support plan!

Custom Projects



We can help you unleash your creativity and get your name known! With anything from innovative graphic design for your business identity. Or how about a new efficient and unique website design that is sure to attract attention. To top that we will even capture your persona and turn it into a clean mean gaming tower machine!!

Remote Support


We can help no matter where you are via computer link. Remote access allows us to fix your computer from anywhere you are or anywhere we are!
Call or email for an appointment to discuss your problem and how we might resolve it. It's easier than you think - just sit back and watch us do all the work.

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I.T. Atlanta

Information and Technology Services...Delivered!

We're here for you. Our business is keeping your business running. We are committed to our clients and their needs. Whether it's your home or office computers, you need to have people you can rely on who can help you when you need help and limit your down time. That's why we're here.

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Technical Aspects
5334 Lake Springs Drive
Dunwoody, GA 30338

Check out our new Atlanta Computer Repair Blog. We give tips, warnings, advice, and more. Our topics on the blog include Windows Upgrades and Service Packs, Drivers, Network Security, Home Networking, Remote Access, and anything else you request.

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying!

Technical Aspects Customer Comments

To all Professionals concerned: We had a recent scheduled appointment with Mr. Harris Echikson for a wide range of electronic and computer hardware and software problems. Mr. Echikson arrived five minutes early, fully equipped and in a very positive mind set.

Mr. Echikson performed all the various tasks I assigned him in a direct and timely manner and resolved all issues in a cost effective manner commensurate with a truly gifted professional- which he is.

Suffice to say Mr. Echikson will be our permanent computer guru and since I have already suggested and highly recommended him to some personal and professional friends, it is a given that he is highly worthy of serious consideration and hiring for any and all electronic issues of any size.

I give him the highest accolades and give him my personal and professional endorsement. I may be contacted directly at for my endorsements. I guarantee you will be highly pleased with Mr. Echikson.

Very truly yours,

Graham C. Andoe
COB, Founder Permahull International, Inc.

Patrick Ely of Picture Perfect Lawn Care says of Technical Aspects Solutions and Harris Echikson:

Harris always comes out quickly when we need him and is punctual. He works efficiently and is thorough and honest. He always shows us that our problems are fixed and aren't problems anymore, before he leaves. This is why he is the only one we rely on for our computer maintenance and repairs.

Some of what we do
  • Data Recovery
  • Virus detection and removal
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Computer Repair
  • Add Blue Ray compatibility
  • Add new memory
  • Troubleshooting
  • Network installation
  • Network Security
  • Software installation
  • New computer set up
  • Solve printing problems
  • Computer Support
  • Help with new computer/hardware/software purchases
  • Determine what you need
  • Shop with you or for you to get the best prices
  • Ensure that all new hardware and software is compatible
  • Vonnage and other online telephone set ups
  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • Email set up
  • DSL/network problems
  • I.T. Support
  • Business card design
  • Regain access if your computer locks up
  • Fix blue screen and/or start up problems
  • TV and stereo installation and set up
Tip of the Month

Microsoft warned of a new security hole!!

Microsoft warned on Tuesday of a Windows vulnerability that could allow an attacker to take control of a computer if the user is logged on with administrative rights.

To be successful, an attacker would have to send an email with an attached Microsoft Word or PowerPoint file containing a specially crafted thumbnail image and convince the recipient to open it, Microsoft said in its advisory, which also contains information on workarounds.

An attacker also could place the malicious image file on a network share and potential victims would have to browse to the location in Windows Explorer.

For more on this story, read Microsoft warns of Windows flaw affecting image rendering on Our Blog!!!

Computer illiterate? Only use your PC to surf the internet? get a Chome Notebook For the Holidays

Whether through its Verizon 3G connection or WiFi, the Chrome Notebook is made to be online. But That is about it.... There are some offline tools like Diigo’s Read Later Fast, but essentially, you’re either online and working or you’re not. This isn’t a bad thing, but it isn’t how most of us are used to working.

No, the Chrome notebook isn’t a netbook. It’s barely even a notebook. It’s something that just might be better than either and it’s certainly a new way of looking at the Web. It’s far from perfect, but this little device is going to have me leaving my beloved MacBook Pro on my desk a lot more often. Because it's quick and easy access to all online activities and searchs for more info on the google Cr-48 notebook email

Call Us at (678) 772-5616 if you want more information.

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