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How long will it take to fix my computer? Until we diagnose the problem, we won't know the answer to that! Once we understand what's wrong we will give you an estimate of the time needed to fix that problem. If other problems surface during repair, we will advise you and give you an esitmate for any additional repairs. Without extenuating circumstances, our estimates are usually quite accurate.

I have virus protection so how did my computer get a virus? All virus protection is not created equal! Some free programs might not give you all the protection you need. If we recommend certain virus protection, we will advise you to purchase it or have us purchase it on your behalf. We do not sell virus protection.

At first my computer worked so fast, but it's so slow now. What happened? ILike a car, the more weight the car carries, the lower the gas mileage. Also, the older a car is, the more things start to break down.

This is also true of computers. The more data and programs you have on your hard drive, the longer it takes for it to run. Also your computer is always being updated by Windows, Mac and other software. These upgrades take up more and more space because they do not replace what you have, but add to it. And as with a car, sometimes parts just have to be repaired or replaced.

Why is there an error message on my computer? An error message can be caused by many reasons. Usually it's from a program file that accidentally got uninstalled/delete or you have a virus.

Why won't my computer turn on?Often it is that your power supply was overloaded and died from a surge or just died from old age/use. If this happens give us a call and well assist you in installing a new one.

Why do computers seem to break down so much?

The operative word here is "seem". People forget how much they use their computers and how much they ask them to do. They seem to break down a lot because it's always inconvenient when it happens. With proper care, repair and upgrades, your computer should serve you well for a long time.

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Tip of the Month

Microsoft warned of a new security hole!!

Microsoft warned on Tuesday of a Windows vulnerability that could allow an attacker to take control of a computer if the user is logged on with administrative rights.

To be successful, an attacker would have to send an email with an attached Microsoft Word or PowerPoint file containing a specially crafted thumbnail image and convince the recipient to open it, Microsoft said in its advisory, which also contains information on workarounds.

An attacker also could place the malicious image file on a network share and potential victims would have to browse to the location in Windows Explorer.

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Computer illiterate? Only use your PC to surf the internet? get a Chome Notebook For the Holidays

Whether through its Verizon 3G connection or WiFi, the Chrome Notebook is made to be online. But That is about it.... There are some offline tools like Diigo’s Read Later Fast, but essentially, you’re either online and working or you’re not. This isn’t a bad thing, but it isn’t how most of us are used to working.

No, the Chrome notebook isn’t a netbook. It’s barely even a notebook. It’s something that just might be better than either and it’s certainly a new way of looking at the Web. It’s far from perfect, but this little device is going to have me leaving my beloved MacBook Pro on my desk a lot more often. Because it's quick and easy access to all online activities and searchs for more info on the google Cr-48 notebook email

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